Standardized Protocols

Crypto Ghost uses standardized algorithms .

Simple Interface

You don't have to be a computer engineer to use the app ..Even grandmothers can use the app .

Open Source

Crypto Ghost is an open source project..

Encrypt and Share

Encrypt and share files with your loved ones .

Crypto Ghost Features

Modern Technology

Crypto Ghost uses modern Cryptography and well tested algorithms, And you can read the documentation page to see for your self.

Simple Interface

Crypto Ghost uses simple Interface..Encrypting,Decrypting process take just 3 clicks .

Dedicated Key Derivation

Crypto Ghost take advantage of external key derivation function to derive your private key.

Key Backup

You can take a backup of your key to use it in different phone .

No Internet Connectivity

No Internet Connectivity required..Encryption and Decryption process will run locally on device.

Removing Metadata

You can remove images metadata so you can send your images with no embedded Information .

Detailed Information

Key Derivation

Crypto Ghost uses Black 512-bit hash function and scrypt for the key derivation function.


Crypto Ghost uses Advanced Encryption Standard "AES" with 256-bit key length in Galois Counter Mode "GCM" .


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